Olymp Trade Islamic Accounts

Olymp Trade is one of the strongest players in the financial industry. Over time, the platform has gained a high status in the online trading marketplace.

Therefore, being a small investor, this place can prove to be a reliable option. Here, you can confidently invest your hard-earned money and secure a highly profitable position.

This online trading broker features an excellent option that incredibly improves your trading skills. Forex Broker is a well-designed and well-designed online trading platform.

If you have never set foot on a fully digital trading platform, this is the best way to go.

This online broker allows you to implement your strategy which often surprises you when you draw profitable results.

So, let’s dive into this Olymp Trade Review without waiting too long and highlight all the issues by mentioning that this platform gives you a leading edge in the market.

Olymp Trade Islamic Review – Olymp Trade Saudi Arabia

Transparent trading conditions and a free demo trading with Olymp Trade –

Olymp trade Saudi Arabia complies with regulations of the International Financial Commission. They store your funds safely in the European banks. Hence you get to trade in a safe and transparent environment. Olymp trade offers useful educational materials on trading and strategies suitable for free. Its training material on different trading strategies and indicators can give you a quick start in Fixed Time Trading. Olymp trade’s Free Webinars for Arabic speaking traders makes it even better choice as a broker.

The Saudi traders should not miss this opportunity to get free expert training with Olymp Trade. You can start trading in a free demo trading account to learn and practice Fixed Time Trading. Hence, while looking for a Fixed Time Trading broker in Saudi Arabia, it is safe to choose Olymp trade, Saudi Arabia. The assets available for trading include Currency pairs, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Indexes. The latest addition to the assets list is the Bitcoin. You can now trade Bitcoin in the same trading account with Olymp trade.

Olymp Trade
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Minimum Trade: $1
  • Payouts: 92% Max
  • Demo Account: Yes

Olymp trade Saudia Arabia Deposit

While trading from Saudi Arabia, people need specific deposit and withdrawal methods. They are Bank deposit, Wire transfer, and Credit and Debit cards. It provides various deposit methods to Saudi traders including local bank deposits and wire transfers. The deposit to the account is almost instantaneous and you can start trading in a few seconds after making the deposit. The minimum deposit starts at just $10. This gives a chance to newbie traders to try it with a small investment. If you still have any issues with Olymp trade deposit methods, you can contact the support team. They will be happy to help you in this regard.

Olymp trade Saudi Arabia Withdrawal methods

The fund can be withdrawn from Olymp Trade account as and when required by the traders. It takes up to 24 hours to process the withdrawal requests. Usually, the withdrawals are processed before 24 hours. To be eligible for a fund withdrawal from Olymp Trade account, you must get your account verified. The verification can be completed by providing your address and identity proof. This is as per the international laws to prevent any fraudulent activity and money laundering. Olymp trade carries out due diligence of its clients and operates while complying with international safety norms. Keeping in view the above facts, Saudi Arabia traders can trust Olymp Trade for trading Fixed Time Trades. Check out other recommended Islamic Fixed Time Trades or binary options brokers.

Olymp Trade Saudi Arabia is a leading Fixed Time Trades broker in the industry. It complies with the regulations of International Financial Commission. Olymp trade Saudi Arabia accepts investors from most of the countries including Saudi Arabia. They have their own custom-built modern, advanced and most user-friendly trading platform. The trading platform is designed for professional traders and beginners. With Olymp trade, you can trade Fixed Time Trades (60 seconds- 5 minutes) with payout up to 90%. You can buy Fixed Time Trades ranging from 1 minute up to 3 hours while trading with Olymp trade. One of the most talked about the asset of 2017 and 2018, BITCOIN is also available for trading.

Olymp Trade Islamic Review – Account Types

Olymp Trade offers three main types of accounts to its users. These include:

Standard Account: You can open a Standard Account in Olymp Trade with a minimum deposit of £ 10 and no withdrawal limit.

However, the spreads you get on a standard account are only 1.1 pips.

VIP Account: For a VIP account, you need to have a minimum deposit of £ 2,000. Compared to a standard account, a VIP account gives you more features and functionality. This is why it is special and highly recommended for expert users. If you trade up to £ 5,000, you will also have the opportunity to contact a VIP consultant in person.

With the help of these mentors, you can enjoy profitable results. The added benefits of having a VIP account are truly incredible.

For example- you can get interesting spreads, high leverage values ​​and much more.

Demo Account: A demo account is a learning account that gives you a brief overview of the broker. You can trade yourself without risk.

Olymp Trade Account Opening Process

Platform Education

Follow the steps to open a trading account in Olymp Trade-

  1. Sign in using an email address
  2. Add personal details about you.
  3. Select account type (e.g., as stated above)
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Select the payment option and start trading

Olymp Trade Islamic Review – Mobile App

Suppose you are a mobile user who rarely has time to trade and examine the rising and falling patterns of the market.

Then don’t worry; Here comes the Olymp Trade mobile app as the best option for you.

You can go with it even if you are an Android phone user or iOS user. Just go to the mobile app store and download the Olymp Trade app.

You can also install the app in .apk file format by visiting their official website. The app is responsive and easy to use and quite helpful compared to its web version.

However, you can also consider it a small trading tool that you will always carry in your pocket. This app will always help you whenever you want to make a well-known decision.

Real markets and prices

Islam does not allow investments in deals involving delays in the delivery of goods, such as futures contracts. Therefore, trading on the Olymp Trade platform is performed directly with real assets.

Olymp trades are traded at market rates set by foreign exchange market makers. Charts indicate that asset prices and markets are driven by people and their preferences, not by chance.

There is no time limit for trades, which means that investment decisions can be made without fear of expiration (for example, assets withdrawn from the trading date).

The broker works for you

Olymp Trade is designed to be one of the most readily available trading platforms. Its elegant interface and streamlined technology allow traders at all levels to quickly master it.

There are many platforms to choose from, but none of them are dedicated to ensuring that their users can maximize their profits like Olymp Trade.

The goal from the beginning has been to bring life-changing business activities to people who have traditionally been far away from the field. And promote clients from beginners to mature profitable traders.


Olymp Trade’s free learning materials and built-in automated assistants are designed with new traders in mind. All ideas, techniques and tools are explained in simple language.

Thanks to a comprehensive education suite, Olymp Trade gives you the tools you need to become a successful trader. Understanding how to use it actually seems more complicated than that.

The Olymp Plus Educational tool is packed with useful information for traders of all levels. A library of webinars explaining the basics of trading through advanced technical analysis, insights and asset descriptions, all of which are free for any trade or student to use.

Olymp Trade Islamic Review – Training

Learning to invest and trade can be a hassle. The fear of losing your own money is enough to stop many traders before they start. The best way to practice this is to use your free demo account.

When using your demo account, your transactions can be run in the same way as you do with real money. Live prices, accurate calculation of trading results, and ability to trade different assets make this trading experience realistic.

Traders can recharge their demo currency, which makes it possible for them to practice different trading strategies to find the best job for them.

Trading on the go

Olymp Trade has made it possible to make money from your mobile phone. Offering trading services since 2014, Olymp Trade strives to make trading accessible to everyone and their online trading app is another step in this direction.

An online trading app – available on both the Appstore and GooglePlay – lets people practice Forex wherever their phone is. Its simple interface and built-in training is an excellent choice for both new and experienced traders. Combined with their educational online library full of trading strategies, trend indicators and webinars, Olymp Trade has made trading easy to understand and implement.

Olymp Trade Islamic Review – Safety & Security

Olymp trade is reliable and secure. The platform uses high-end encryption, which provides complete protection to user data.

Every detail you share with the company is completely secure.

The platform operates under IFC regulations, which is not a reputable regulator and may interfere slightly with your decision to choose Olymp Trade for trading.

Olymp Trade Review

Olymp Trade Islamic Review – Conclusion

Trading in the foreign exchange market is unacceptable in Islam. The systems that exist to determine the legitimacy of trading as a form of income are complex.

For those who want to experience trading and change their lives, Olymp Trade has created an ideal environment that meets the most established standards for Muslim traders. Their halal forex accounts, educational tools and free demo accounts make this platform ideal for traders of all levels. Try Olymp Trading if it is important for you to change your life through trading.

Is Forex a Gamble?

Muslims often have the misconception that forex trading is gambling.

The best examples of chance games such as gambling, sports betting, slot machines and “roulette”. But foreign exchange gains depend on the international exchange rate. Trading strategies are what guide an investor’s decision, not blind luck.